Polar Park

panel summer polaPolar Park in Bardu is wolrd's northernmost wildlife park. If you write/call to us you we can drive you to Bardu polar park on request where you can experience wolf visit, fox visit, you can see bears and other animals in rather natural environment, that's what we think that it makes Bardu polar park special.If we are lucky we can see as well wolf/bear feeding. Please read more info about Bardu polar park here http://www.polarpark.no/

To Bardu from Tromsø it takes about to hours and 15 minutts in summer/autum period and about 2.1/2.hours in winter/spring period.
This trip is on request because it is on your choice if you would like us to wait for you and after visiting Polar Park to get you back to Tromsø, or you may have some other plans in Bardu which you may no need us anymore and in this case we would just count simple dobbel time of one way and we will drive back to Tromsø without you.

But, we can offer you more than just this trip to Bardu Polar Park and you can choose to experience more of ours other activieties such as shore/ice fishing, snowshoeing, grilling or sightseeing in Tromsø and it's surounding during the same trip, or sometime later as well.
If you have more question, or some request please do not hesitate to write to us.

Included: Transport, guide, hot drink, binocular
Duration: min. 5 hours
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of patricipants: 1-4 person
Price: 750 NOK/hour


Please contact us by email for children and group discounts.
Vegetarian option: eggs tortilla wraps-please request by e-mail.
Please note that weather conditions could be various, we recommend you to take warm/waterproof clothing and shoes with you.