Some of the most traditional way how people could walk and move in the nature in North Norway without modern technology was for centuries snowshoeing. We can provide you this very attractive activity - no matter of age - this is for everyone who wish to try it. The equipment for snowshoeing is included in tour.

Besides snowshoeing you can combine more activities in one trip such as fishing, or grilling. If it will be in the dark period, you can maybe get lucky and see the Northern Lights which everybody would like to see with us...
One of our guides belongs to very advanced hikers and have tried many different tours. Wi can offer you selection of the best tours with him, which are located not far away from Tromsø.

Included: Transport, guide, tripod, hot drink, binocular, fishing and grilling equipment
Duration: min. 3 hours
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of patricipants: 1-4 person
Price: 750 NOK/hour


Please contact us by email for children and group discounts.
Vegetarian option: eggs tortilla wraps-please request by e-mail.
Please note that weather conditions could be various, we recommend you to take warm/waterproof clothing and shoes with you.