Fjord tour to Tromvik/Grøtfjord


Our scenic fjord tour/sightseeing on Whale island is offering you a visit to spectacular Grøtfjord and traditional fishing village Tromvik. During our tour we will be surrounded by sharp rocky mountains shaped by the last ice age, stunning views of three majestic fjords and mountain lakes and having cozy lunch on a long sandy beach in pure Arctic wilderness.
On the way we will take photographs of each of you at the most beautiful spots, visiting Ersfjord, Kaldfjord, Grøtfjord and hoping to spot reindeer, moose, eagle, seel, or even orcas/killer whales and humpback whales during their winter migration through Kaldfjord.
Our friendly guide will gladly share with you stories about local unique history, traditions and his/her photography tips during the whole journey.

Included: light warm meal: cooked chicken/turkey sausages wrapped in potato bread/cake with mustard/ketchup and fried onion, filled butter pastry with caramel/jam/vanilla cream, hot drinks (tea, coffee, cocoa) camping chairs with large warm reindeer skins, warm suits during winter period, camera tripods and photos from our tour sent by email/dropbox link the next day.

Binoculars, hats,mittens, warm boots by request only, please write to us a short message, or email.
Vegetarian/vegan option- vegan soya sausages instead of chicken ones, please request by booking/email.
Please write to us about your food allergies/intolerance.

Duration: 4.5-5 hours.
Level of difficulty: Easy.
Number of participants: 2-8
Price: 990,- Nok per person
Meeting time and place: at 9:55am (09:55) in front of the Magic Ice Bar;  Kaigata 4, 9008 Tromso
Departure time and place: 10am (10:00)
Drop off: all hotels in the city center, or pick up point.

Please follow current Norwegian Covid-19 rules and requirements before your travel/entry to Norway (face masks, vaccine certificates, travel requirements) and thank you very much for your kind cooperation and your booking with us/Flexitour Tromso.

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